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There are many careers in the real estate market out there. However, one of the most demanding and rewarding jobs is becoming a house flipper.

House flipping is getting all the attention this year because of home prices. People are looking for choices when purchasing a home, and one of the cheapest homes in the market is flipped homes. But this doesn’t mean that they are inferior in quality.

If you want to be a house flipper, then read on. This article might help you determine if this career choice fits your lifestyle.

24/7 Job

When you become a house flipper, you should expect the first time you have to put into this job. You’re not going to have a typical day job. You won’t be clocking out after eight hours. House flipping is a 24/7 job, and you’re going to get calls all the time.

As a house flipper, you’ll continuously be checking the market. You’re looking into the cheapest homes you can flip, and you’re looking for suppliers that can further reduce your costs. You’re going to make many calls, and people will also be calling you, sometimes in the dead of night. Clients might contact you for emergencies, especially if you’re doing restorations (more on that later). So you might not get enough sleep.

Prepare yourself for a busy routine once you’ve chosen this career path. Prepare to become even busier once you become famous in the market.


You’ll also have to take up a lot of roles as a house flipper. Your project will demand you to become its manager, designer, and contractor. So you’re going to need a lot of experience.

Taking up multiple roles can help you save up on costs. Material and labor will already take up a decent chunk of your expenses, so you might not be able to add more manpower into your business. Moreover, you might also be the one to sell your flipped homes in the market. So you might also have to take up the role of real estate agent and broker at the same time.

However, there’s a good chance that you can hire more people once your career and business take off. You can take in interns and maybe some full-time hires once it happens.

Person applying paint on a wooden surface


As a house flipper, you shouldn’t just expect that you’ll only be doing house flipping. You’ll be called for various jobs related to your work. One of the most common jobs you might have to take is restorations.

Homes depreciate significantly throughout the years, and some homes can be abandoned as well. Some can be damaged by a typhoon or fire. The people who live in these homes or people who want to restore them will look to you as their savior.

Restorations aren’t an easy job, but they are more satisfied and have better pay. The most common task in this market is water damage restoration. It’s common because water is everywhere, and a decent-sized storm can easily damage a home. Moisture is also a severe problem when a storm hits. This can damage the roofing of a home, which can be disastrous once it falls apart.

When there is water, there is mold. Mold restorations are also one of the most common restorations you’ll have to do. It’s a pretty disgusting job, but the pay is good, and giving a mold-infested home is always a rewarding endeavor.

Restorations will take up a decent chunk of your projects, but don’t worry. They are as rewarding as the rest. Unlike standard house flips, restorations are all about bringing back homes that wouldn’t have another chance in the market if it wasn’t for you.

Making Dreams Come True

Restorations and house flipping all achieve one goal: making dreams come true. Many Americans nowadays can’t afford a home. Many more have problems in bringing their old homes back to life/ It’s a constant struggle, and millions of Americans are experiencing it.

As a house flipper, you can make homes a lot more affordable. There are thousands of abandoned homes in the market. Thousands more are being sold at a much lower price because they are dilapidated. You bringing these homes into the market is a godsend for some.

You’re also solving the current housing shortage we are experiencing. The number of people living in the country exceeds the number of homes being sold. One way to solve this problem is to restore old homes and bring them in a fresh supply. Sure, the housing shortage isn’t going away anytime soon, but home prices might at least decrease in the coming years with your effort.

Your job is all about making one of the American dreams come true. It’s a dream that many Americans aspire for, and by simply contacting you, they’re already one step into making their dream home come true. This is why house flipping is such a profitable and rewarding career to take.