MyWomenMagazine is an online publication that talks about real, current and important issues surrounding every woman — from the young professionals entering the workforce and the new entrepreneurs to the working parents and at-home parents.

What We Talk About

We talk about fashion and styles that empower women, a reimagining of beauty standards, reclaiming women’s health and wellness, and rethinking approaches to parenting and home life. 

We publish articles, stories, think pieces, and philosophical essays on the nature of women, their role in shaping society, and how true equality can only be achieved by realizing the importance of feminism in the modern world. 

Although we do get serious about serious subjects, we don’t overlook the need for fun. So expect the occasional articles that put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. We recognize the value of letting your hair down now and then, to let loose and enjoy life at every stage. 

A Voice for Every Woman

At MyWomenMagazine, we are inclusive of ALL women of all shapes, sizes, colors, creeds, nationalities, religions, and cultures.

We’re committed to representing every woman because your voice counts. 

For enlightening, engaging stories and new ideas about life and work, explore MyWomenMagazine. 

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Meet Our authors

Haley Reed is a lifelong activist, fighting against inequality as early as the ‘80s. A graduate of interdisciplinary studies, she read for her masters in gender studies and has since taught students both in schools and on the streets for over 20 years. 

A prolific writer of poetry and political diatribes, Haley Reed is an instrumental figure in the underground feminist movement of the ‘90s in the Midwest, organizing protests against various injustices against women and POC. When she isn’t teaching and enlightening the youth, she spends time with her life partner and his wonderful dogs.

Wanda Deshewsky cut her teeth in the fashion industry at the early age of 19, working her way from the bottom at fashion houses in California, New York, London and Milan. She combines her love for fashion and beauty with her passion for feminism by using clothing and culture to challenge the expectations of people and empowering women through fashion and style. 

On her off days, she practices jiu-jitsu and boxing while working on her sewing skills.