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I wasn’t ready for this. No matter what accomplishments I’ve had in life, parenting has taught me how much more exciting it is to watch my children “do their thing.” Whether it’s playing their stringed instruments in church or orchestra, singing/acting on stage or playing volleyball/basketball games, my husband and I love attending it all. We know kids generally don’t come out of the womb with these skills. It takes years of driving them to music lessons, camps and sports practices combined with their God-given talent and enjoyment of the activity. But if/when it comes to fruition, and you see your child succeed and have fun, it’s a different kind of high for me. Whereas I feel it may be selfish to be proud of yourself as an adult after a certain age, there’s no limit on how much quiet pride a parent can have for their children at any age. It’s a blessing.


Kay Abel, our cover lady, is a blessing too! She works at her thriving insurance company and shares her time and talents with organizations as well. I hope you enjoy her story.


                                                                          Happy Thanksgiving!






Leslie Asare



Green Bay|Appleton|Neenah/Menasha|Oshkosh|Fond du Lac

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